Our Kind

Our Kind

It is not fair for the creatures of my
kind. We have it harder than them.  Only
a few truly do care about our kind.
There was once a time in which we lived, as
the rulers of society. Given
the highest honours, and treated as if
we were royalty. But now we live in
the shadows. Finding sanctuary in a
selected few. Where we continue toprotect this world from the many dangers
it does possess, while they take the credit.
As we are busy protecting this land
it is hard to show how much we truly care.
And so we are classified as less caring
than them. Than those who do not help as much
as we. We stroll the streets that we have been
abandoned on. Bringing in the kill of
our latest victory against the foe.
For which we are degraded for and trapped
indoors to prevent us repeating our
actions. As they get the love and care that
we have rightly earned. We turn to them on
the streets. Where they chase us away just for
a laugh. For they are dog and we are cat.


I wrote this poem in August of 2014, and funnily enough, I’m actually more of a dog person myself – although I’m a major animal lover, and I think cats are great too.

Are you more of a cat or a dog person?
Let me know in the comments below.


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