About me…

Well, for starters, the name Shimminy Cricket is a play on Jiminy Cricket. I was given the name because friends would come to me for advise, I was told I acted as their conscious, and alas the name arose. And since it has a somewhat magical feel to it, I decided to use it for the name of this blog.

This blog was created because I am an avid reader, a book-a-holic if you will, and it was suggested to me that as a fun way to keep track of the books I read I should right reviews, and possibly make something out of it along the way.
I thought it would be fun to expand this beyond just a book blog though, and so I shall be attempting to share some of my own work as well.

I started this blog in 2017 while taking a gap year, and I didn’t do the best job of keeping up with it. In 2018 I’ll be starting uni, studying Wildlife Conservation and Creative Writing, and I’m hoping to start up this blog again – with such a busy schedule it will be interesting to see how this goes.

My hope is that people who come across Shimminy Cricket’s Corner will find something that either helps them or inspires them, whether it be to read a book after reading a review, write their own poetry or stories, or even make their own blog!

I am completely open to suggestions if people want certain books reviewed or a certain theme for a photography project or piece of poetry or whatever may some to mind. In fact, suggestions are highly welcomed and encouraged!!

This is going to be quite the adventure and I look forward to sharing this adventure with you!