A Stormy Day


The addictive smell of rain
fills the air,
as wet drops fall
from the grey stormy skies.


Inside, warm and cosy,
cocooned in a blanket,
with fluffy warm socks.


Turning the soft pages,
the words come alive.
Being dragged away from reality,
lost in a land that’s unknown.


A black ball curled up beside you,
breathing rhythmically
sleeping peacefully.


The calming sound
of pit-pat pit-pat.
With the soothing warmth
from the hot brown drink


It’s peaceful. It’s warm,
relaxing and cosy.
This is a stormy day.


Our Kind

Our Kind

It is not fair for the creatures of my
kind. We have it harder than them.  Only
a few truly do care about our kind.
There was once a time in which we lived, as
the rulers of society. Given
the highest honours, and treated as if
we were royalty. But now we live in
the shadows. Finding sanctuary in a
selected few. Where we continue toRead More »